Strangers on This Road (Sliding Sideways Mystery #1)

| November 15, 2013


Strangers on This Road (Sliding Sideways Mystery #1)

One beautiful day in the quiet Catalina Island town of Avalon, Lainey Parker met her destiny…

Lainey has lived in Avalon for nearly a year, working at the local grocery store, taking time to decide what she wants to do with her life now that she’s finished high school and left her unhappy childhood home. She’s just getting by, minding her own business, not looking for adventure or excitement. Never in her wildest dreams imagining that she would be thrown headlong into the middle of an international crime investigation, complete with shadowy villains. Or that she would soon be spending time with an unbelievably handsome and charming stranger, who raises more mysterious questions than he answers—a stranger with whom she shares a strong, strange kinship from the first moment they meet.

Lainey’s adventure in Avalon is the first book in the Sliding Sideways Mystery series.


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