The Doll’s House: Flash Sale: romantic suspense

| July 10, 2019


From bestselling JS Taylor, an unputdownable new standalone romantic suspense.

When shy Jess Stewart meets dashing Ross McKay on a chance trip to Italy, he sweeps her off her feet. When he suggests she return with him to his remote English mansion house, she happily agrees.

But arrival at the McKay manor is not what Jess expects. The Tudor building is dilapidated and deserted, and locals mutter of a returning curse. Then Jess discovers a long-forgotten dolls house in the attic – a perfect replica of the mansion. Mysteriously its tiny occupants are arranged in a tragic story.

As Ross becomes increasingly distant and haunted, Jess finds herself strangely drawn to the miniature family. But the doll’s house seems to have a life of its own, and the inhabitants become increasingly reminiscent of their real life counterparts. Is someone warning Jess, that history is about to repeat itself? Or does the McKay manor hold a lingering evil that threatens to destroy Jess’s love from beyond the grave?

What is hidden will be revealed …

“This is a get cosy, and prepare to read to the end because you can’t stop reading kind of story. JS Taylor matches romance and intrigue perfectly! A fresh take on billionaire romance with a happily ever after.” —Book Junkie

“JS Taylor knows exactly how to craft a good mystery, with an intriguing romantic alpha hero.” —Bookie Nookie


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