Love Song of the Prairie: Austin

| July 10, 2019


A desire for change drove Sean and Mary to board the train west. A lack of money was why they hid their children in a cattle car instead of paying their fare. As the children said later, traveling in a cattle car stinks. However, despite the trial of the journey, the family made it to Austin. Only to find themselves struggling to adjust to life on their new homestead. That first winter was especially harsh. Jealous Mister Brown didn’t do much to make life easier. In fact, he worked tirelessly to frustrate their efforts to establish a successful farm. It’s amazing how hard some people will work to stop other people from working, isn’t it? Little did the McConnells realize at the time that they and their descendants would witness the efforts of the Honorable Walter Clifford to establish the village of Austin, the great fire that tried to destroy it and the grand vision of Donald Carruthers to establish the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. Who could have guessed all the things that were yet to come? Both the story of a growing family and a vigorous community, Our Town, Austin celebrates 150 years of Austin, Manitoba in a most dramatic way.
***Love Song of the Prairie is a series of stories that explore the power of love over adversity as well as the often overlooked drama found in small-town family life.
Genre: Humorous, Historical Fiction.

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