Edupreneur: How To Monetise Your Expertise and Profitably Educate Your Market

| July 11, 2019


Education is the new currency.
Regardless of what business or industry you are in; if you wish to sell what you have to others, your commercial survival depends on you becoming the EDUPRENEUR.
Consumers are tired of sales pitches and promises, and instead are seeking information and knowledge. By giving it to them you get to demonstrate your capability and expertise as much as they get to experience it – making you choice number 1 for their needs.
For the Edupreneur, the need for selling is dead as they strategically share their expertise in a way that provides unprecedented global reach, immeasurable impact on the lives of others, and unlimited income potential.
The education industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and online courses alone are already worth billions of dollars per year.

Every single person on Earth has an abundant and unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge that could be turned into commercially profitable products and services.

In this book, Sarah Cordiner will take you through the fundamentals of monetising your expertise and profitably sharing what you know with the world.
Whether you are an absolute beginner in creating and selling information and education based products and services, or are up-levelling to a serious education-based business operation; this book will help you get there.

Inside this book:

– How to commercialise your skills, knowledge and expertise and start profiting from what’s already in your head.
– How to create your own unique ‘funnel of service’, so that you no longer need to ‘sell’ like one of those sleazy online marketers, but instead have your customers coming eagerly to you for your advice and expertise.
– A deep dive into the 10 stages of designing and building a highly successful information or education-based business so that you maximise your impact and income.
– How to price your informational and educational products and services; including courses, consulting, workshops and more.
– Where and how to sell your educational products for maximum exposure and sales – particularly online courses.
– The critical elements of an online education based business. What online tools, apps and products you need and how they all fit together for maximum profitability, scalability and automation.
– How to use your expertise to become a well-known leader in your industry.

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