The Lord Poet

| July 12, 2019


 “I found myself immersed in a world of chivalrous behaviors, courtesies and grand formalities while being privy to scandalous secrets that lay beyond this facade.”

Meet Lord Edmund Troy, a carefree aristocrat and renowned poet in Victorian-era London. Idolized by the masses for his charisma and dashing good looks, he finds himself in the sights of wealthy socialite Agatha and her cousin Catrina.

Agatha appears to be the quintessential match for Lord Troy…until he becomes more acquainted with Catrina. Drawn to Catrina for her love of literature, Lord Troy finds himself in unusual territory as he yearns for her. A quiet and intelligent book lover, Catrina is thrust into the middle of their relationship despite her continued efforts to remain focused on following her dreams of becoming an author. 

In a twist of events, Lord Troy and Catrina find each other in close contact when she is required to stay with him at his manor; their growing relationship stimulated by a series of truths and mistruths.

Complicating matters, Sam—Lord Troy’s most trustworthy longtime friend—and Imelda—his closest female confidante— weave themselves in the life of the Lord and end up intermingled in a web of sex, lies, and deceit.

Will Catrina unravel secrets too disastrous to rebury, or yet, will she be able to untangle herself from the deceptions and follow her dreams to success? 

Praise for The Lord Poet:

“I loved all the mentions of great literature. I loved the story. I loved the characters. If you like historical romances (or maybe even if you don’t) you’ll love this book!”

“This book had me thinking I was reading a Jane Austen novel!!!”

“A definite page turner that you can’t put down. The author has outdone herself with this debut book.”

*Author’s note: Inspired by the life of historical aristocrat and Victorian-era ‘Bad Boy’ Lord Byron, this graphic novel explores the darker sides of the elite of 19th Century London – exposing deviance, violence, forceful sex, suspense and mystery. Some of the events described are truthful and historically accurate (or believed to be historically accurate) and occured in the life of Lord Byron.


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