Tales of Starships & Apocalypse

| July 13, 2019


An Anthology of Starships & Apocalypse.

Discover stories of immortality, exploration and survival in an often bizarre and cruel universe. Armies clash, heroes flee, and a fridge somehow gets involved in the action.

From the depths of the sea to the edge of the universe, find out what it means to be an intelligent piece of powered armour, a demon that can only relieve his pain by murdering innocent people or an insane starship trapped between the stars, its human pet its only source of entertainment.

These and more tales await the curious and the unprepared.

More tales will be added to this eBook

For now, the titles in this tome include the following:

Hard Crank

The starship is insane. The starship is dying. Julian needs to keep it alive and work the cranks to guide the ship to its final destination.

Lost Embers of Earth

Quork thought humans were dead. Now, the scourge of the galaxy has returned, and its name is Sam. Taken hostage aboard her dreadnought, Quork finds out there’s more to the old human menace than he was led to believe.

Life Sauce

Following a trail of life, all the way from the Milky Way to the centre of galactic trade in the Andromeda Galaxy, two human explorers search for the source of life on Earth. The truth is not what they were expecting.

A Fridge Too Far

There’s something strange about the Donaldson family’s old Kelvinator. Their son, Dean, obsesses over it and for some reason the old mechanic who installed it in their home just can’t bear to see it die…

End of the Line

What, exactly, is at the end of the universe? Elaine Amplebottom, the oldest and richest human alive, and her unfortunate slave, are about to find out. With a minimum of training and an overabundance of wealth, Elaine takes her slave… err, assistant, Davious Goodspeed, on the longest journey of his short, miserable life.

A Hard Shell

It’s not easy being some idiotic meat bag’s protective piece of powered armour. Fighting in a war not of their making, these suits of armour decide to take matters into their own.

Selfish Dreams

At David Bogharty’s age you don’t get out much. Too much responsibility, retirement is a dream. When a man of David’s importance is sent across space to save a long lost asteroid colony, he has plenty of time to play.

Demon Dave

Your wife is dead. The world is burning. You need to save your children. Armed with a pistol, surrounded by demons, you prepare to die. That is, until, a demon named Dave recognizes your pistol and decides to switch sides.

The Reaper’s Cruise

Earth is destroyed. Reborn as a virtual soul aboard an alien cruise ship, Elias spends his days playing games. His ideal existence is shattered when the captain asks for his help. Under attack from the inhabitants of a nearby planet, Elias and his friends must save the ship and work out why the aliens are attacking it, before it’s too late.

Wargames of the Everworld

Plucked from modern day Earth, Jessica and her companions must lead armies of cloned alien soldiers in the arenas of the Everworld, a vast shellworld inhabited by uncountable beings. To come home she must win, but to win means upsetting the ancient champions, with unknown consequences for us all.


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