The Mermaid Tales: Celia’s Best Friends: (Children’s book about Bullying, Stories for kids, Books for Preschoolers, Bedtime Stories, Books for age 3- 8, Baby Books, Kids Book)

| July 13, 2019


‘Mean Sharks’ May Be The Biggest Problem In Ocean! Exciting children’s story that evokes imagination and adventure. This story inspires children and focuses on teaching important life lessons.

Here’s what readers are saying about the #1 Bestseller “Mermaid Tale”:

  • “It’s a great children’s story though, with a lot of important lessons covered in a very easy to understand way! I enjoyed reading it.” ~ Rachel
  • “”Very cute bedtime story. Reading while learning. My kids loved the illustration!” ~ Angela Rankin
  • ” Mermaid Tale is pretty awesome. Giving personalities to sea life is a great way to teach values. “~ Janis

Mermaid Celia and her friend dolphin Billy were racing and chasing each other. Suddenly they saw something. Not just something. Someone. It was a white shark with big black eyes and rows of sharp teeth that was swimming around a much smaller fish.Thankfully, friends came up with the perfect plan to help this poor fish.

How are they going to save that scared little fish? Find out what happens next!
Sweet story filled with sun, sand, beautiful ocean water and friendly characters.

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