Amish Amazing Love (Love in Sugar Creek Book 1)

| July 13, 2019


An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages.
Jenny Billings has been away from home for a long time, seeking out the world and all it has to offer. For the past two years, she’s been living the life of an Englischer and looking the part, too. But then, tragedy in the form of a horrible car accident occurs, shaking her to the core.

Mark, the man who carried her away from her Amish life, is in a coma and she has nowhere to turn. Desperate, she boards a bus to a nearby Amish community in the hopes that she will find peace and friendship in the familiar environment.

In Sugar Creek, Ohio, Jenny finds more than she expected. The Smucker family is warm and welcoming although the handsome son Daniel finds her whole ‘seeker’ act rather suspicious. As her former life returns to her, Jenny finds working at their B&B both comforting and upsetting because she needs to hide her true identity.

Daniel is alternately drawn to and wary of the stranger who claims to want to join their faith. She seems too comfortable among the People and he suspects that she is trying to worm her way into their lives for reasons other than what she says. He is determined to discover her secret.

Finally, through an unexpected friendship, Jenny finds that she can hide who she is no longer, but when she reveals herself, will she risk losing all she’s come to hold dear?

Find out what life is like for someone who threw away everything just to discover that it was all she ever wanted.

The ‘Love in Sugar Creek’ series is set in Sugar Creek Ohio, also known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio” where the Amish lead a simple life of peace and faith.

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Book 2 in the ‘Love in Sugar Creek’ series, coming soon!


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