Remembering First Love

| July 14, 2019


20-year-old Carina Rivera is a prodigal daughter on her way back to her childhood relationship with God when she falls into the seductive trap set for her by her handsome supervisor, Aaron Mendoza.
Remembering First Love” the first in the Rivera Sisters Series, takes the reader into Carina Rivera’s struggle to clean up the reputation she has acquired during her teen years as the “Bad Rivera sister”. Carina’s hopes of turning a new leaf are shattered when her mother loses her job and Carina becomes the sole breadwinner for her family.
When Carina is introduced to Aaron Mendoza, her handsome supervisor at the garment factory, she is captivated by his amazing looks and dreams of finding a meaningful relationship with him. But Aaron has a different kind of plan for Carina–a plan to lure her into his web of seduction.
Will Aaron’s allure continue to hold Carina captive or will God’s Hand of Providence and the prayers of her family help her escape from the dark shadows of Aaron’s world?

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