Desperate Forest

| July 16, 2019


A daring escape. An ominous forest. An unexpected alliance.

For nineteen years, Princess Roselynn’s life has been three things: Safe, comfortable, and predictable. But when her father is murdered and she uncovers a plot to end her life, she must leave her home and take her chances in a treacherous forest—all to stay alive and be reunited with the man she loves.

Along the way, she encounters a group of outlaws, each with their own secrets and purpose. But who can she trust? Jay, the enigma whose tough exterior and conflicting actions both deter and intrigue her? Gavin, the former knight, trying to right the wrongs of her own broken kingdom, all while risking his safety? Laurel, the cold young woman with the shadowy past who sees her arrival as a threat?

Roselynn soon finds the lines between ally and enemy blurred, as dangerous incidents and sinister warnings cause her to question what she knows and where her heart lies. Can she find the courage she needs to save her kingdom and herself, or will she lose everything to the dark forest?

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