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| July 17, 2019


“Anyone even a novice entrepreneur needs a decent dose of inspiration and knowledge.” — Adam G. (entrepreneur, businessman with experience in online business)

In this publication, you will find stories of 3 billionaires who in their lives have achieved above-average achievements in the business arena. And in addition, you will learn what you should do to achieve even similar results in business. Here they are:

Cho Tak Wong

Japanese, a billionaire who started his business career from an early age. Get to know his amazing story that begins with the fact that Cao did not have at the beginning … even his name.

Mohed Altrad

Bedouin originating from the Syrian desert. His business career also began in his teenage years. At the beginning of his life, his existence was so insignificant that no one even recorded his … date of birth.

Narayana Murthy

The term “adversity of fate” in relation to the beginnings of his company is a hackneyed phrase. Without a computer, no telephone … he set up an IT company. Find out how he did it.

What connects these three people is a huge global success in the business arena. Each of them has in recent years received the prestigious title of “World’s entrepreneur of the year”. Get to know how they did it. Learn lessons from their experience and learn what to do to start realizing your business dreams without money.

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