How to Speed Read: Faster Reading, Improved Comprehension and Becoming a Better Reader: A Very Easy Guide

| November 16, 2013


How to Speed Read: Faster Reading, Improved Comprehension and Becoming a Better Reader: A Very Easy Guide

This book will vastly increase the speed at which you read, within an hour you will be able to at least double, probably triple your reading rate.

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Another barrier to higher reading speeds is, again, learnt as a child. We learn to read by looking at one word at a time. It is perhaps the only way we can learn to read, but it offers a second obstacle by asking our eyes to move their fixation again, and again: which is time consuming.

The human vision is much more capable than being asked to merely look at specifically one word at a time. You don’t have to move your eyes onto every word to be able to read a sentence.

A quick step to become aware of this is to focus your sight in the middle of a sentence and notice that as you do so, you can in fact read the words around the central word, indeed without moving your sight from the center you may be able to read the whole sentence with your eyes resting at just this one space. If this is difficult, or the sentence is simply too long, mark two points in the sentence, one a third of the way in, and one two thirds of the way in, and use those as points to rest your eyes on while you read each word of the line of text.

Using your wider vision, and attempting to see more will further help you to improve the speed at which you read as you minimize time spent moving your eyes.

A useful technique is to use the above method and draw two lines down the page you are reading, dissecting it into thirds. Now practice moving your eyes only between these two points and reading all the words without any further eye movement.

If you are struggling to take in the all the words in the line, try and relax your eyes, make them feel slightly lazy so that they aren’t focused so narrowly. Let your gaze be weaker, and soon you will be able to see more than you had before.


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