Liberty Begins (The Liberty Series)

| November 16, 2013


Liberty Begins (The Liberty Series)

Professionally edited by David Taylor and thEditors.

Liberty Begins is Part One of a Duology. Part Two, Liberty At Last, will be out soon.

“‘I need a favor,’ he said and smiled a big, fake smile. My stomach dropped. I was not into giving favors. Favors were free for the recipient, but they always cost the giver something. In Vegas, it was usually your dignity. I was hanging on real tight to the little bit I had left.”

Liberty Davis has moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start — and to get away from some seriously bad memories. Liberty is a good girl, but Vegas is starting to break her down. The only way she can make rent is by stripping, and her boss is trying to convince her that she needs to do more than just take her clothes off to make ends meet…

Enter John Quinn. He’s a handsome, seriously sexy business man who makes Liberty’s heart stop. She’s afraid of her attraction, afraid to lose control… and she’s PETRIFIED when she finds out what type of business John’s actually in.

Hint: he doesn’t sit at a desk, he employs ex-Navy SEALS, and it’s absolutely lethal to be on his bad side. John has his share of secrets, and one of them involves Liberty’s past. When he takes her to his compound and asks her to join him on assignment, Liberty finds herself drawn into his world, and it opens up a backlist of dark secrets for the both of them…

Dark secrets that will bring them together and tear them apart.

This novel is intended for mature audiences due to sexual content and mild violence.


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