Crashing Into Tess (The McGreers)

| November 17, 2013


Crashing Into Tess (The McGreers)

“A Bridget Jones Meets James Herriot” romantic adventure ~ Libra Press

Was “Crashing Into Tess” the hit of Jake’s lifetime?

Ivy-educated veterinarian Tess Bamberger leaves suburbia for a new adventure in Green Junction, Colorado. Rural ranch work is tough, but satisfying; it’s her attraction to Jake that finds her in one debacle after another. Tess has always been confident and carefree, but suddenly her dreams seem to be eluding her.

Divorced, single-dad rancher Jake McGreer is accustomed to hard hits. He resists the allure of the talented, flirtatious new vet, but Tess fits in seamlessly with ranch life. She stitches up his favorite quarterhorse, and mends his daughter’s broken heart. His daughter adores her, his friends want a wedding, but her parent’s are certain he’s up to no good ~Will the vixen veterinarian decide that Jake is her one true love?


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