The Silly Psychic

| November 19, 2013


The Silly Psychic

The future is coming, now try and avoid it.

Silvia is a psychic—the bane of her existence. Physical contact activates her curse, allowing her to witness a tragic event in a person’s future. At twenty four years old, living in Desipient, Colorado—where she was expelled from college—Silvia extorts money from phony psychics by threatening to expose them, blackmails an adulteress who sleeps with her daughter’s ex boy-friend and aids Gary—the ex-cop turned Private Investigator who’s twice her age and uncontrollably dreamy.

When Silvia meets a young adult whose future tells of a drunk-driving homicide, she can’t imagine a worse prediction. Drinking and driving starts her week, but terrorism ends it. Silvia meets a new client with Unabomber intent. Now she’s frantically trying to save hundreds of lives, while still earning stacks of terrorist cash and hoping to avoid jail by outwitting the FBI as well as the suspicions of her desired lover, the ex-cop Gary. Don’t worry, Silvia’s a psychic, she knows the future. Now all she has to do is avoid it.

This paranormal thriller showcases an astute, avarice heroine who thinks and acts in a style that young-adult readers have yet to see.

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