That Will Do Nicely

| November 20, 2013


That Will Do Nicely

Best Crime Novels – That Will Do Nicely

– an Original Plot!

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Tom Pascoe, former commercial photographer and now an

import/export clerk working in a job he hates, discovers his wife

making love to a work colleague during a party at their home. He snaps; loses

control and physically throws them naked into the street in front of their friends.

His wife takes her revenge by running up a huge bill on a credit card in his


Pascoe, unable to pay the debt, chooses instead to finesse the money by

operating a novel scheme that involves him in inventing his own bank;printing

and passing a large number of American Dollar Travelers Cheques on it. Can he

pass enough of them in a short period of time without getting caught?

What he doesn’t realize is that counterfeiting American currency is a matter

for the Secret Service and soon he has both them and new Scotland Yard chasing

him. In a pursuit which leads to a remote area in the south of France, the law

finally catches up with Pascoe but the result is totally unexpected.

That Will Do Nicely will keep you guessing right to the end.

Tom Pascoe, falls back on his old skills to beat the bank that is going to ruin him.

This is what some Amazon reviewers say:-

“Alfred Hitchcock Would Dig This…”

Brian Schiff

“The approach reminded me of the novels of the 1970s, such as

Forsythe’s ‘Day of the Jackal’ and Arthur Hailey’s ‘Final Diagnosis’

with regard to the intricacies of the technicalities underlying the

core plot.”   Raghu Nathan

“There are some scenes which would prevent me from recommending the

book for children, but I doubt that’s a problem as that’s not the

target audience.”   Julie

“I thought at first I would not like the book as I thought I knew the

ending but could not put it down till I finished and I was totally

blown away with the ending he is a wonderful and adventurous writer. A

must read for anyone who doubts things can happen when they are least

expected.”   Shelley Itkin

That Will Do Nicely doesn’t fit easily into any Crime genre. It is a

crime novel without violence which is unsual. It’s the plot that grips you!

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