The Emissary

| November 20, 2013


The Emissary

The provocative and exhilarting first novel from veteran science writer Greg Klerkx, author of LOST IN SPACE (“…the ‘On the Road’ of the alternative space tribe” – PopSci.)

The near future: a world devastated by a global war for resources. In the scorched wastelands of western North America, a devout militant sect known only as the People wins battle upon battle in its campaign to reclaim the ruined land – all for the glory of their long-disappeared Prophet, whose hoped-for return will seal the People’s ultimate triumph.

No warrior is more willing than young Amon Tomasson, whose four wives and 13 children are testimony to the Prophet’s blessings. But Amon’s ordered world begins to unravel the day he captures Virgil, a ragged wanderer who could hold the key to the Prophet’s return. As Virgil tells his incredible life story – which finds him partnered with an amnesiac boyfriend who may be immortal and a genetically modified half-lion sex show star whose family want her dead – Amon finds himself in the grip of a stark transformation…one that could profoundly alter the destiny of the People, and even the ravaged new world.

An odyssey that ranges from neo-Dickensian London to the survivalist war zones of post-war America, THE EMISSARY resounds with echoes of THE ROAD and ORYX AND CRAKE – with a dash of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Fast moving yet deep thinking, THE EMISSARY explores faith, truth, runaway sci-tech, and the secrets we hide even from ourselves.

Praise for LOST IN SPACE by Greg Klerkx:

“Compelling. . . . Essential reading.” – Buzz Aldrin

“A penetrating indictment . . . an absorbing jeremiad for those who . . . look beyond the PR shots of jubilant Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists.” —Newsweek

“A battle cry for the alternative space program.” —San Francisco Chronicle (Included in ‘Books of the Year’ list, 2004)

“A clear-eyed analysis . . .with vivid examples.” —The Wall Street Journal

“A must-read for space enthusiasts who may be interested in being part of the future revolution. Greg Klerkx has gathered a wealth of historical information, old and recent, and presents it in a readable story that is hard to put down.” – Burt Rutan, designer of X-Prize winning SpaceShipOne

“Thoughtful and . . . informational. . . . It is clear that [Klerkx] has done a great deal of research and knows a lot about efforts at space travel and exploration as well as its finance and politics.” —Los Angeles Times

“A very sound and readable analysis of the cause and cure of the present malaise in this planet’s space programme. . . . Klerkx backs up his analysis with compelling evidence and insight.” – The Times Literary Supplement (London)

“Informative, passionate. . . . Klerkx excoriates NASA relentlessly, effectively.” – The Guardian

“This lively, well-reported, and unapologetic work will give new hope to anyone who’s clung to the dream of human spaceflight during the three long decades since the last Apollo mission.” – Thomas Mallon, author of AURORA 7 and TWO MOONS

“Passionate. . . . Provocative. . . . Important.” – Sci Fi

“Those working on changing NASA need to review this book if they want to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.” – The Huntsville Times

“Excellent. . . . You can’t sit on the fence after reading this book. . . . If you want to know where NASA has gone wrong or of the many ideas that people have been and are expounding for space access, LOST IN SPACE is the book.” – Universe Today

“Convincing. . . . [An] eleg[y] to human space travel.” – The New York Sun

“A clear, informed and poignant analysis of how the space agency lost its way. . . . Klerkx’s report could not be more timely.” – Keay Davidson, author of CARL SAGAN: A LIFE

“LOST IN SPACE is a must-read” – Daytona Beach Journal

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