Black Butterflies. (The Greek Village Series Book 2)

| November 20, 2013


Black Butterflies. (The Greek Village Series Book 2)

It bounces along at a fair pace, taking the reader on an emotional ride through an idyllic landscape inhabited by a cast of sympathetic and believable characters. And this is where the beauty of Alexi’s writing lies, she manages to steer a course through the human reality of life in a Mediterranean paradise, without sentimentality. – Richard Clark – Author of ‘The Greek Islands – A Notebook’

“I want to visit and taste the food and the wine and travel by Taxi boat. Sara Alexi once again conjures tales from a place that seems close to perfection.”

“I could not put it down, the descriptions of the island, village and characters was brilliant.”

“if you liked the first in this series, get ready because this one is even better.”

“Marina’s story is about life and love and it will make you sad and happy, which is so good for us all!”

“What a wonderful book this is, I am so glad I stumbled upon it and just wish I had found her first book before I immersed myself in this one.”

“Alexi weaves the kind tale of heartbreak and happiness that is universal to so many women”

“Complex and engaging characters dance around each other before the pieces of the family jigsaw ultimately, and very satisfyingly, fall into place.”

“I read it in one sitting, being unable to put it down.”

Although the island looks harmless, Marina knows it harbours ghosts from the past. Nothing would induce her to visit there again – except to protect her daughter.

Sara Alexi’s second book is a romp packed with a troupe of colourful characters intertwining in a gripping story.

By turn uproariously funny, touching or sad this book is the stuff of which all families are made.

Hopes, fears, secrets and misunderstandings beset relationships.

Discovery and acceptance bridge a divide.

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