Conundrum (an Iris Reid mystery)

| November 20, 2013


Conundrum (an Iris Reid mystery)

“An exciting, engrossing tale of greed, deceit and


When a Harvard Architecture School superstar plunges off the balcony

at a graduation party, the police see an accident, not foul play. But

fellow-student Iris Reid knows that any jealous member of the ruling clique

would have relished pushing him off. Twenty years later, a reunion is

luring the same cast of characters back to Cambridge. The opening night

dinner is being held in a Modernist house that Iris has designed. She hopes

to untangle the events that led to her friend’s death. But the murderer has

other plans. When a long-ago boyfriend turns up dead the night of the

dinner, all the incriminating evidence points to Iris. What began as an

attempt to avenge her old friend turns into a desperate race to avoid being

framed by the clever killer—a killer capable of twisting the truth into a bloody



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