Detective Fiction : Detective Marco: Minority’s Complication

| November 21, 2013


Detective Fiction : Detective Marco:  Minority's Complication

The Detective Fiction book – ‘Detective Marco: Minority’s Complication’ is a fictional suspense thriller, which comes into the genre of crime and detective stories. The story develops through breathtaking events, which are interconnected and ultimately leads to the most exciting climax.

The book is craftily written, and the crime thriller enthusiasts will surely enjoy it without even the slightest tinge of boredom. The events are woven in such a manner that the readers will feel the urge to read through the entire book at a single stretch. You can find many interesting characters and occasions, which shows the cleverness on one hand and on the hand the quick-wittedness of this popular author. Reading through Detective Macro will surely be a unique experience for those who always enjoy detective and thriller stories.

The story starts with the cold-blooded murder of the celebrity figure Nathan… Was it a robbery? A planned execution? Will the truth be unraveled? The thrill will chill the spines of the readers….

With modern technological features the book is compliant for the e-book readers like iPhone, iPad, Kindle reader, Android tablets etc. It is a worthy e-book to be kept saved in your gadget for anytime reading.

Summary of the Book: At the outset of the story, Nathan
Ivanovic, a well-known writer, journalist, and businessman, is killed by a
couple of home invaders. In the next scene, Mrs. Ivanovic is being taken into
police custody. Adding to this worrisome event, Detective James Anderson is
shown to get into the picture as the primary investigator of this case.

Anderson conducted a long interrogation of Mrs. Ivanovic at the very first point, but
nothing really helpful turned out from it, but Anderson was sure that she is
holding back something under cover. Then, he assigned the private investigator,
Marco Lupin Indi to keep a close eye on her and track her moves. Marco is a
seasoned private investigation specialist and he does this task appreciably with
the help of a couple of others too.

Marco had to move to Scotland also for further investigations and this brings in
several twists and appreciable developments in the process and the narrator
fully succeeded in making the readers walk through the tension and excitement
in these pages. As you proceed through the pages a number of characters come
into the picture the like of whom includes, Amelia and Alfredo Muñoz, alias The Peruvian who also plays a vital role in the development of this investigation.

The story gets more tricky and paced from this point and the path becomes more
troublesome and misty for James Anderson and Marco Lupin. But, they are
unknotting the puzzles one by one and ultimately succeed in unveiling the truth
of this mystery.  What makes this book more exciting to the readers is the crafty approach and enjoyable writing style of the author. The author fully does justice to the readers by making each and every page filled with thrill and excitement. The story has also got all the necessary elements for entertainment, which makes it a complete book in the thriller genre.


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