John F. Kennedy 1917-1963, Retro Comics 14, Historical Biography 3

| November 22, 2013


John F. Kennedy 1917-1963, Retro Comics 14, Historical Biography 3

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And you are there… when…

For one brief, shining hour, under the administration of its 35th President, the United States of America becomes the legendary Camelot, the magical capital of King Arthur’s kingdom where truth and goodness and beauty reign. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy are the King and Queen of that magical dream, a dream that ends tragically with the assassination of the President.

Over 130 illustrations in this retro comic highlight John F. Kennedy’s life as the legendary dream takes form and Jack becomes a legend himself.

You are there when…

  • Jack’s great grandfather Patrick Kennedy scrapes together twenty dollars to travel steerage to Boston and escape the Irish potato famine.

  • Jack’s father Joseph Patrick Kennedy marries Jack’s mother Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the daughter of shrewd politician, Boston’s mayor John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald.

  • Joe is appointed head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ambassador to Great Britain by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  • Jack tries out for the swim team with a temperature over 100 degrees.

  • Jack swims for five hours dragging a wounded crewman to safety after the PT 109 is rammed by a Japanese destroyer.

  • Jack, at 23, writes his first bestseller “Why England Slept.”

  • Joe Sr. hears his oldest son Joe Jr. is MIA, exactly one year to the day of the PT 109 incident.


And you are there when…

  • Jack hits the campaign trail.

  • Jack addresses the Catholic for President issue.

  • The entire Kennedy family actively supports Jack’s political career.

  • Grandfather Honey Fitz dances a jig on a table at age eighty when Jack wins a seat in the Congress by a landslide.

  • Jack meets Jackie!

  • Jack’s painful back problems flare, but so does his determination.

  • His brilliant brother and campaign manager Bobby Kennedy takes action.

  • Opponent, former Vice-President, Nixon admits defeat.

  • The White House becomes a cultural as well as a political center.

  • A lone gunman lays in wait.

  • A nation is horrified as it learns its President has been assassinated.

  • Jackie and the world mourn at President Kennedy’s funeral.


So are you ready to experience…

  • the power and determination of the Kennedys?

  • the brief and shining hour called Camelot?

  • the life and time of the legend called John F. Kennedy?


Are you ready to experience history as if you are there?

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