ALEX (a Psychological Mystery Thriller)

| November 23, 2013


ALEX (a Psychological Mystery Thriller)

The Best Selling Number 1 Thrillers & Suspense Debut

On 1st June, 2010, an unspeakable act of murder was committed—a crime so evil that its perpetrator, Alex Merton, could never be forgotten. He left behind not just bloody fingerprints staining the city, but also debate, confusion, and question upon question as to why he did it.

How could a man in possession of such genius—a man so deeply in love—unleash such horror on the living? How could a man so seemingly invisible in the community become the face of a nation’s nightmares? And who was the mystery somebody who knew of his murderous blueprints way beforehand, yet decided to do nothing until it was too late?

This is the story of Alex Merton—the truth behind the mystery, the man, the monster…


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