Diary of a Mall Santa

| November 24, 2013


Diary of a Mall Santa

“Diary of a Mall Santa” is a collection of short stories (or vignettes) written by Santa Claus himself.

The jolly old elf entertains us with his most noteworthy encounters with children, and a few adults, during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Some stories are amusing, and might make you laugh out loud; some are awkward, like the time a child leaped from Santa’s lap, pointed like an aggressive trial lawyer, and accused him of being a fake and a fraud. And a few stories will touch your heart. What does Santa say to a child who asks only for her mommy to come home for Christmas? All the stories are true.

Be on the lookout for miracles – they happen if you still believe.

The stories are written for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other adults who accompany children on annual visits to see Santa. Look for Santa’s tips in his SECOND INTERMEZZO; they will help you prepare for your next visit.

By reading this book, you will gain a greater insight into the challenges Santa faces with each new visitor.

Be warned: if you share these stories with children, you risk tarnishing the luster of the Santa experience.


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