The Last Train Home (Christmas Book no 1)

| November 24, 2013


The Last Train Home (Christmas Book no 1)

It’s Christmas Eve and three men are struggling: Martin Downing, unemployed and racked by grief, lies motionless as the storm water rises around him; Stanley Barwell, a rich industrialist of the 1930s, works late and alone, neither a care nor a friend in the world; Sergeant Craig, scarred by the carnage of Ypres, sits in a trench boiling with anger and whisky. Their lives are worlds apart, yet inextricably linked.

In this captivating twist on a seasonal tale, the three men are brought together on the last train home and given their chance at redemption. But will they take it?

Always gripping, sometimes sad, yet ultimately uplifting, don’t miss your place on The Last Train Home.


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