Prescribed for Love (a time-travel romance)

| November 25, 2013


Prescribed for Love (a time-travel romance)

Prescribed for Love follows Catriona through her wild travels into fifteenth century Scotland. One minute, Cat is celebrating her graduation from pharmacy school in modern-day Boston, the next she finds herself confronted by the sexiest man she has ever seen (and he’s got a big sword!) Sure she is in a dream, Cat simply follows when the sexy dreamboat asks for her help. Little does she know what the future…err…past holds in store!

Here’s an excerpt:

Catriona opened her eyes, confused by her terrible headache. As she tried to clear the blurriness from her vision, she remembered hitting her head. Ugh, I hope Keith didn’t see that—he’ll tease me ruthlessly. Now able to focus, Cat began to scan the room to ensure her brother had not been witness to her clumsiness. However, her perusal only resulted in further confusion. Where in the hell am I? Looking around, she found herself inside an incredibly rustic hut. The building seemed to contain only the one room she currently occupied. Sure, her studio apartment had not been very spacious, but this was absurd! Everything looked to be handmade, but not in that ‘shabby-chic’ way that had been so recently popular. This place is practically medieval!
She was prevented from further inspection when the hut’s only door swung open without warning. Catriona was completely transfixed by the appearance of an incredibly large man within the doorway. The herculean figure before her was not only well-built, but gorgeous to boot! He had a chiseled jaw and blue eyes in which a woman could drown if she gazed too long. While Cat normally preferred short hair on a man, his long, sandy-blonde hair just begged to be touched. She had to fight the urge to lick her lips as her inspection continued to the opening of his linen shirt. My goodness! The man has chesticles! Letting her eyes drift even further, she was surprised to see the man was wearing a kilt and all the appropriate accoutrements.
Laughing to herself as she observed the man’s large sword (and the double entendre it suggested) Cat came to a conclusion. There was only one reason why a man so perfectly molded and dressed as he would be before her—she was dreaming. I must have hit my head harder than I thought!


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