The iCandidate (The Michael Bennit Series)

| November 26, 2013


The iCandidate (The Michael Bennit Series)

When A Traditional Candidate Meets The iCandidate, the Nation Will Never Be the Same!

“We’re going to run the first virtual front porch campaign.”

All Michael Bennit wants to do is be the best high school teacher he can be. However, when he loses a bet to his over-achieving class of history students, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory: a candidate running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

With no money, and only his students to run his campaign, Michael sets a plan in motion to be the country’s first virtual candidate. Leveraging the potential of social media, his campaign becomes the epicenter of national attention and a target for a desperate incumbent fanatical about hanging onto power – at any cost.

The iCandidate follows the plight of four people caught in the firestorm of mass media, social media, and dirty politics. In the end, lives will be changed and the political landscape of the country forever altered, but will the lesson of it all be lost?

˃˃˃ An Intelligent and Refreshing Read For All Ages

The story is written from the perspectives of four different characters, giving the reader a much richer personal connection to the characters.

˃˃˃ More Than Just a Political Novel

The iCandidate is more than just another political novel. As a teacher and a soldier, the protagonist brings a lot to the table in this page turner. Although the book is set against the backdrop of a political campaign, the themes it explores about social media and society, education in America, and how we react to a pervasive media culture all add to the spice of the novel.

˃˃˃ A Glimpse Into the Future!

Social media is everywhere today! It is a powerful tool, but are we too trusting of it? This must read book examines that question in a fun and entertaining way.

Scroll up and grab a copy today!


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