| July 19, 2019


No lights. No transportation. No power.

Well… almost none. Somehow, a group of gamers are the only ones hanging onto the last remnants of power three months after a mysterious worldwide outage. 

Society has fallen into complete chaos. After weeks of digging, teenage tech-genius Simon Harper finally has the key. There’s only one problem. He has to get it to Waypoint, which is 500 miles away, and he has zero survival skills. To save the world, he must partner with one of his least favorite people. His perfect, all-American twin brother West.

Things don’t quite go as planned. When their house is raided by military-style agents looking for the key, the brothers are forced to take separate routes. And, when two girls with secrets of their own tag along, the brothers must decide if trusting them is worth their lives. Can Simon survive the journey if the girl he’s falling for is actually the enemy he’s running from?


  • This story never slows down.
  • Quirky humor abounds.
  • Embarrassing first attempts at romance will happen.

“Waypoint is a dystopian adventure full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless.” -Amazon Reviewer

“This book was nothing short of a vivid three-dimensional motion picture, with action, adventure, romance, and of course, saving the world.” -Amazon Reviewer

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