Blood Beneath the Water

| November 27, 2013


Blood Beneath the Water

The quiet town of Summerville hides a dark secret. A secret kept so well, for so long, that no one alive remembers the horrific deaths of a group of cultists two centuries in the past. All the townsfolk know is that Lake Oberong should be avoided, and with good reason. Far, far too many people have drowned there, and nobody knows why.

When Stacy and her family move to Summerville after the accident that almost claimed her twin sister Meg’s life, they’re prepared for a fresh start and a new future. Life has certainly improved for Stacy, with her handsome new boyfriend, and her elevation into the popular crowd at Summerville High. Things aren’t looking so good for Meg though, whose increasingly odd behavior and mood swings worry Stacy and her parents.

While the people of Summerville stay away from Lake Oberong, fear of the lake hasn’t reached Todd, Stacy’s younger brother, and he’s keen to explore the area. He learns about a mysterious cave, and decides to explore. What he finds is terrifying – a huge cavern situated deep beneath Lake Oberong, which contains not only walls covered in horrifying imagery, but also a mysterious old book in a foreign language.

When the book falls into the wrong hands, the killings begin. The police are on the hunt for a mad man, but it soon becomes abundantly clear to Stacy and Todd than no human being can be responsible for the murders. But who will believe that the killer is a demon? And how will they defeat an inhuman monster with a thirst for human blood that will only be slaked when all human life is destroyed?

Blood Beneath the Water is approximately 51,000 words in length. Watch out for Volume II in the Blood series coming in April 2012!


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