Flynn’s In (Lexi Frost Series)

| November 28, 2013


Flynn Peterson knew Lexi Frost was different from the first time they met. They were meant to be together, he felt it in his bones. He felt it just as deep when another man swept in and stole her from him before he even had a chance to get to know her.

But Flynn was never one to give up easily. Lexi was his future, Flynn knew it. She had a son in a band, Flynn was a rock star. She was a photographer, Flynn had a body women loved to . . . well, she could take pictures if she wanted. Lexi had a secret identity, Flynn couldn’t care less. Lexi Frost, Teri Giles, he just wanted her.

A small deception and suddenly Flynn was spending most of his days at Teri’s house developing her son’s band. He’d get the boys on track and make them stars. He’d teach the girls how to cook. He’d woo the woman of his dreams.

But Teri starts questioning his presence, and Flynn can’t lie to her forever. And even as he hopes she’ll understand, Flynn realizes the better man won her to begin with.

***This book is for adults. I don’t fade out on love scenes. Like other romances, there are complications that arise that keep the characters apart and hard decisions that make them think about more than just themselves. In The Lexi Frost Series, those complications are slightly atypical of romance novels, but not outside the realm of possibility in today’s world.***

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