Dark Fate Falling (The Gateway Discoveries Volume 1)

| November 28, 2013


Dark Fate Falling (The Gateway Discoveries Volume 1)

~What every kid loves in a great book – Action, Action, Action! ~ Jacob E.

~The book was fun, the action was great!~ Max J.

The Adventure Begins Here…

Nick, Remedy, Simon and Owen are ready for adventure when they are invited to accompany their scientist fathers on a field expedition that will take them near the famed Bermuda Triangle. But their excitement quickly turns to terror when their plane falls from the sky in a freak storm, and they find themselves alone on a strange and beautiful island. Fearing the worst for their missing parents, the four friends set out to find them by trying to decipher the reasons behind this ill fated trip. But when Nick and Simon are attacked by a strange beast, and Remedy almost becomes lunch for a flock of bizarre birds, they quickly learn all is not as it seems on this tiny piece of paradise, and soon they are running for their lives toward an even darker fate…


A New Fantasy Series of Children’s Books that will keep kids turning the pages!


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