The Living Room

| November 28, 2013


The Living Room

“Now, after more than nine years of struggling with the process and battling against my own self-doubt, I’m ready to share the story. The Living Room was my dream.” – Bill Rolfe (Author)

When success and even love are not enough, you need a miracle…
Daniel Clay has good looks, money, and a rising career as a New York investment advisor. Meanwhile, his personal life is barren of love and family. But when a distant relative dies and leaves him a house in England, Daniel embarks on a life-changing journey–toward love and his soul’s awakening.

He meets and falls in love with Claire, a children’s palliative care nurse. With her help, he opens his home and heart to comfort young patients in their final days. As Claire tends to the children in a beautiful glassed-in room overlooking the sea, Daniel prays for miracles. Just when his prayers are
answered, a mysterious illness strikes him down and relentlessly drains away his life. With no hope for a cure, Daniel holds fast to a deep secret that he can never reveal. And now, he needs a miracle of his own.

Valerie Peterson, Book Publishing Guide, says:
I admire your persistence, Bill and thanks so much for sharing your story. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series had never written until she had a dream about a girl talking to a vampire, and felt the need to get the story down on paper, so you’re in bestselling company. Congratulations on the publication, especially after nine years and after doing it all yourself.

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