Eitan: Legacy of Light

| November 28, 2013


Eitan: Legacy of Light

At some point, all teenagers find themselves at the intersection of reality and fantasy. Ethan Williams is just about to turn fifteen and is lost in that very intersection. His nightly dreams are taking over his everyday life as relentless voices beckon to him and bizarre ghostlike beings stalk him. While defending his best friend Tucker from bullies and daydreaming about the girl next door are the two main activities that have occupied the last few years of life, Ethan is about to embark on a journey that will leave him anything but ordinary.

After Tucker mysteriously vanishes, Ethan finds himself being swept away into different worlds. He holds the fate of several worlds, including the only one he has ever known, in his hands. Ethan is the fulfillment to a long awaited prophecy in a place that is charged with protecting the balance of good and evil in all worlds. As a child, he was taken and hidden until the time was right. With cruelty and wickedness, evil has begun to penetrate and destroy everything. Ethan must learn to trust the voices of truth and allow his heart to guide him through the dark places. He has been given a gift, a Legacy of Light, and it is this very gift sets him apart and seeks to fulfill his extraordinary dreams.


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