The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories

| November 29, 2013


The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories

No holiday can thrill kids more than Christmas! If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you enjoyed some of the greatest inventions in the world of toys, food, and entertainment. But just how much do you know about the history, fun, and controversy surrounding your favorites? Well, wonder no more! The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories fills in all the blanks by revealing:

• Which toy designer was married to ZsaZsa Gabor, and which one’s bachelor pad was profiled in Playboy

• How a surplus of frozen turkeys led to the invention of the TV dinner

• Why tinsel feels different now than it did when we were kids

• What weird stocking stuffer NASA astronauts used to hold their tools in place in zero gravity

• What popular Boomer game was dreamed up in a polio ward

• Did Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines really exist? Were they married? Secret lovers? Or … visitors from another galaxy?

• And SO much more!

A collection of the often wacky stories behind the Christmas traditions that Boomers hold dear, The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories reveals the secret histories of the foods, songs, decorations, TV shows, and—most especially—spectacular toys that Boomer Babies enjoyed as children and teens, all wrapped up in one delectable volume.


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