Chasing The Demons (Robert Doyle Mystery #1)

| November 29, 2013


Chasing The Demons (Robert Doyle Mystery #1)

How well do you know your friends? How well do you know yourself?

Robert Doyle is doubting himself, escaping his past in Australia he fleas to London.

A chance encounter with a childhood friend draws him into a dark world of secrets. In a city captivated by the adbuction of a teenage girl, Robert’s friend also disappears. As Robert searches for his friend he soon discovers he is not the only one looking. Someone else is searching too, someone willing to kill.

With a killer on his tail, Robert is finds himself on the run. Can a beautiful woman he hardly knows be his only hope? Together can they find his friend before the killer does? The more they dig up, the darker the world around them becomes. What secrets will be unearthed?

A fast paced ride through the streets of London, Chasing The Demons is page turning suspense thriller.

Read the first novel in the Robert Doyle series.


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