Life and Laundry: Surviving the Spin Cycle

| November 29, 2013


Life and Laundry: Surviving the Spin Cycle

If George Carlin and Erma Bombeck knew each other in the Biblical sense, their offspring would be genetically destined to view the world through Gay Wayman’s eyes. This “truth is better than fiction” salmagundi is a romp through life and living as only Wayman can spin it. It’s funny. Quirky. Tender. Sobering. It’s all here. Laughter, tears, philosophy and out right silliness. Common threads in our shared humanity. In one essay, Wayman recalls her 4-year-old nephew who couldn’t yet hear the difference between peanuts and penis. At a minor league baseball game, the peanut vendor wandered through the crowd hollering, “Get your peanuts………get your fresh, hot peanuts here.” Think about it. Her wee nephew did.


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