Shadows Burned In

| November 29, 2013


Shadows Burned In

Have you ever worried about—ever feared—becoming your parents? Shadows Burned In tells the story of one man grappling with that question…and one family afraid of the answer.

David Jackson moves his wife, Susan, and daughter, Elizabeth, to his home town of Hampshire, Texas. He thinks he’s doing them a favor. Houston is rife with crime, smog, and traffic jams. Surely Hampshire, with barely 3,000 residents, is a safer place to raise a family.

But David discovers that old ghosts are hard to kill. Behaviors surface in him reminiscent of his abusive father, and David’s actions begin to overshadow his best intentions. Soon tensions with Susan erupt into arguments over why they moved to Hampshire in the first place. Family life in this small town is anything but tranquil.

To escape their feuding, Elizabeth explores the once-elegant home of Old Suzie, the object of local gossip and whispered tales of children in years gone by. Though Suzie is long dead, her abandoned home seems to simmer with phantoms from Hampshire’s past.

What will Elizabeth find there? A refuge from her bickering parents…or the dark force transforming her father?


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