Swan Song

| November 30, 2013


Swan Song

“You better check on your brother. I think he’s dead.”

It took one anonymous phone call to send Walt Hardy on a long journey back to Wichita, KS. Back to the city where he was kicked off the police force on charges of corruption.

He knew he would run into Lt. Dickey, his old boss who still wants to nail him to the cross; Gayle, the perennial good-time girl always on the lookout for a meal ticket; and Liebovitz, the crass Eastern European whose dirty money buys a lot in a sluggish economy.

“Swan Song” is neo-noir hard-boiled fiction where there are no good guys—just different degrees of bad guys.

Walt Hardy is going to come face to face with the past in an effort to save his brother. This could be his one last chance at vengeance or his swan song.

“Modern noir full of intrigue; impressive debut novel” –Professor Bruce Lindsay at the University of New Hampshire.

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