The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss

| November 30, 2013


The Chocolate Lover's Guide to Weight Loss

You’ve sacrificed and suffered enough. You shouldn’t have to give up chocolate, too.

Don’t worry, you don’t.

The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss will show you how you can have your chocolate and your ideal body!

Why struggle with deprivation when you don’t have to? Now you can…

• Feel fueled, fortified, and fulfilled, instead of empty, guilty, and sad

• Eat real food without swallowing your emotions

• Breathe yourself happy and thin

• Master your compulsive behaviors and fill your life with joy

• Keep your pleasure from causing you pain

• Create your ideal body using your inner strength and courage

• Discover a new way of looking at food, eating, and life.

No more suffering. No more going without. Bestselling health and wellness guru Patricia Bacall addresses a wide range of weight, diet, and lifestyle questions important to women today. Get ready for a treat, because you are about to learn how to train your body to lose the excess weight. Not by dieting, but by changing the way you relate to food, eating, and yes—to the nagging and persistent negative emotions that often underlie overeating and overweight.

Anyone who has ever dieted knows that diets don’t work for permanent weight loss—instead they create an ugly and negative downward spiral of deprivation and loss of self-esteem. Stop beating yourself up over the things you love. The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss combines the best and newest little-known techniques for health and vitality, with a revolutionary new approach to changing your lifestyle, improving your health, calming your mind and slimming your body—while eating without dieting; all without deprivation or starvation.

You always have choices, and you are about to learn how to make the ones that serve you best. Your decision to read this book will put you on the fast track to a healthy, slimmer new you. Get ready to devour the secret to eating chocolate in a way that the pleasure of taste doesn’t end up on your waist.

Start your last weight loss journey today—NEVER DIET AGAIN, and reach your ideal weight the fun and easy way with The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Weight Loss.


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