Duck Dynasty Robertson Family Moments

| December 1, 2013


Duck Dynasty Robertson Family Moments: Blessings, Words of Wisdom, Trivia Quizzes, the Last Word (Duck Dynasty Family Series)

Relive Robertson Family moments in this fun Duck Dynasty book.

Duck Dynasty (Seasons One, Two & Three) packed into one book for a walk down memory lane.

Here’s What You Get:

1) Funny, quirky summaries of each episode

2) Phil’s nightly blessing

3) Willie’s words of wisdom

4) the Last Word(s)

5) Trivia Quiz for each season

Note: I had a blast putting this book together for you!

I hope you smile and laugh as much as I did. ~ darlene 🙂

Willie’s “Words of Wisdom” Sampling

“The key is not to get discouraged thinking of all the wrong turns you’ve made, you just have to keep on keepin’ on.”

“The bottom line is if you want an idea to succeed, you have to take a risk because the only investments guaranteed not to pay off are the ones you never made.”

“Being a good family man is often an exercise in patience. I mean getting through to a loved one can be as difficult as getting a couch through a door. Except there is no return policy for indecisive mothers, spoiled brothers, or uncles with donut food comas.”

Quiz Questions Sampling

* Jase says “Redneck Rule #1” is that most things can be fixed with what?

* When Si decides he needs a new hunting dog, what kind does he get?

* The last time Phil remembers firing up a barbeque grill, who was president?

If you are a DUCK DYNASTY Fan, you’ll love this book!

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