Dimension M

| December 2, 2013


Dimension M

Alden Frost and Fatimah Ibrahim break into a school in Uzbekistan to raise a “companion flag,” a symbol of all that human beings have in common. But this is not just any school. It’s the secret repository for the Åžahin Diary, an exposé on the Armenian genocide. Following their arrest, it’s discovered that the Åžahin Diary is missing. If its contents are made public, the Turkish government could collapse, destabilizing the entire Middle East. Forces and interests around the globe are mobilized to find the diary, either to return it to hiding, or to publicize its contents. Alden and Fatimah find themselves in the crosshairs. The job of protecting them falls to American diplomat Len Williams and his close friend, Uzbek Abbas Ahkmedova.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The companion flag project is real. Dimension M is a dramatic story of love, friendship, loyalty, and crisis, and is not a monograph on the companion flag idea. Readers interested in learning more about the companion flag initiative are encouraged to read the optional appendix, “The Sanori Flag Debate.”

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