Be Your Better Self: A Hands on Approach to Become Who You Always Wanted to Be

| December 2, 2013


Be Your Better Self: A Hands on Approach to Become Who You Always Wanted to Be

Expectations of the Book:

Just completing the book propels you on the journey towards changing your mindset and improving not only your life, but also the lives of those around you.

This book is a valuable resource filled with concepts on how to take your life to the next level and find success in every aspect of your being—personal and professional. Sasha Tenodi’s new book, Be Your Better Self helps readers learn not only through Sasha’s experience, but also through active learning by practicing the book’s outlined theories. This helps you to grasp the concepts faster and on a much deeper level than traditional books that only introduce ideas. Sasha utilizes his background in education to bring the classroom to you –breaking down concepts into bite sized anecdotes and real life lessons.

This book is filled with powerful metaphors and practical information in order to give you the “know how” of living a more rewarding life. By working through the material, you’ll soon have the personal power and strategies to build your own desired reality when you learn:

• Why you act the way you do – Understand your personal organization

• Why do you reject certain behaviors and accept others

• How to understand the difference between positive motivation and negative motivation—and the important role they each play in your life

• How to become motivated in your work place and in your personal life

• Understand how our personal beliefs can limit you or help you create new resources

• How to deal with limiting beliefs that sabotage your desired state

• How to understand and manage inputs that generate your personal transformation

• How to install new, desired habits

• How to stay loyal to your integrity

Take control of your life now and Become Your Better Self today!


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