Maid for Mayhem (A Gretchen Gallen Mystery “Maid for Murder Series”)

| December 4, 2013


Maid for Mayhem (A Gretchen Gallen Mystery

When Gretchen finds herself flung off the corporate ladder she decides to relocate to an adjoining rural county. There she finds employment with a weathy older woman and a home in the guest house.

Her plan is to live simply as she regains her footing and decides her future. But when her benefactress dies, suddenly Gretchen finds new friendships with hilarious women, unexpected beaus, and a true calling in a crime scene cleanup business.

When a serial killer starts to drop in the locals, Gretchen finds her hands full with new murder scenes to clean. On top of everything, her companion Mosey, a retired cadaver dog has begun to sniff out something oddly close to home. As the bodies begin to mount up, Gretchen soon realizes the killer has a type… and it fits her perfectly.


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