Work 2.0. Nowhere to hide

| December 4, 2013


Work 2.0. Nowhere to hide

Work is changing profoundly in new digital age. The whole world of work is in evolution. The old employment system of secure, lifelong jobs with predictable advancement and stable pay is dead. For some time now we’ve observed a greater focus on flexibility, mobility, and the ability of quick adaptation of workers. The new era of Work 2.0 is coming driven by: work virtualisation, nonroutine creativity, hyperspecialisation, and reduction of communication, coordination and interactions costs. This calls for a different approach to management and work. However, technology is a double-edged sword, with the power to both liberate and enslave.

The recession is said to be over, but you’ll never get your old job back – it’s disappeared and you can’t even blame the Chinese! Your job no longer exists – it’s been automated. Book “Work 2.0” isn’t just a description of what is happening to the labor market, how we’re working nowadays, it’s a complete how-to guide for successfully navigating today’s treacherous jobs environment, mitigating the risks of job loss, job insecurity, and increasing automation. Book is discussing the repercussions of automation, changes in the economic balance between East and West in terms of work, the growing importance of innovation and creativity for creating value, how companies can take advantage of the new situation and how can individuals stay competitive on the labour market.

How do you survive and thrive in the new labour market? How can workers cope in an economy which doesn’t generate stable lifelong careers? How can companies remain competitive and manage armies of dispersed hyperspecialists? You’ve become the newest victim of Work 2.0, a force you can’t possibly fight – but you can join it! If you are looking for a job – why not create one for yourself? If your company is losing its best talent – why not listen to what your workers are saying. Let them work anywhen. After all, there is nowhere to hide from the wave of creative destruction.


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