A Scandal in Spixworth (A Walton Cumberfield Mystery)

| December 4, 2013


A Scandal in Spixworth (A Walton Cumberfield Mystery)

Walton Cumberfield is the United Kingdom’s best (and only) time travelling detective. Of course, this is not his only vocation. Among other things, he is a semi-professional scientist, poet, entrepreneur, inventor, raconteur and amateur gas and electricity meter-reader. He also works in a sandwich shop.

This short story takes place after the events of the 2012 novel ‘Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers’, though it is self-contained and can be enjoyed without any prior familiarity with said novel.

This download also includes a free sample of ‘Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers’, comprising the prologue and opening chapter.

Explore the world of Walton Cumberfield online at www.waltoncumberfield.com


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