Tampa Star (The Blackfox Chronicles)

| December 6, 2013


Tampa Star (The Blackfox Chronicles)

Ever wonder what would happen if there was no living witness left to report a horrific crime?

Did it even occur?

In 1974, Char Blackfox heads to Florida in to rebuild a life shattered by the war in Viet Nam.

He’s a Seminole Indian and former Green Beret who leaves the army and moves to Tampa Bay with the vain hope of a new beginning.

He gets a job, meets a beautiful woman and life seems to finally be going his way; until reality smacks him in the face. He throws in with the wrong crowd; a small time Irish-American hoodlum, a corrupt cop and an exiled Mafia Capo and his life spirals out of control.

In 2004, a combat hardened Force Recon Marine is released from active duty and returns to Florida to find his estranged father; a guy no one can find but everyone is looking for.

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