Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity

| July 20, 2019


A work of Literary Fiction, Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity is inspired by the mythical island of Hy Brasil, said to have existed off the west coast of Ireland.

The novel takes place in Dublin, Waterford and Hy Brasil. Kearns examines the relationship between past and present then delves into themes of life, death and continuance in a story with beautiful prose that’s composed in his own unique and wonderful style.

An advanced society, Hy Brasil is faced with pending catastrophe and Olan is determined to endure. Archaeological discoveries throw light on a civilization beforehand confined to legend which causes grave consequences for a young couple caught up in this extraordinarily dynamic enigma.

Set in ancient and present times, Hy Brasil is a tale for readers who adore adventure, history and incredible epics. It embraces influences of the Gothic, Dickensian; so too, Literary, and then bonds them into a story which delivers a thrilling read that will captivate audiences from the outset.

With its colorful descriptions, complex characters and a plot line as well as prose complete with symbolism and imagery, suspense and mystery Hy Brasil is certain to entertain, spellbind and mesmerize the book lover for Eternity.

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