Stress is a Decision: 40 Simple Habits to Defeat Stress and Find Inner Peace (5 Minutes for a Better Life Book 2)

| July 21, 2019


Stress makes you fat, wrinkled and dead

40 astounding habits, techniques and tricks from this book are guaranteed to immunize you against stress.

Imagine that you are always relaxed, even in your job. How about if you had inner peace in every situation, even in the thickest quarrel with your partner?

Amazon best-selling author Prof. Dr. Detlef Beeker is a happiness researcher and anti-stress expert. He has been working on these topics for over 20 years and has written numerous books on the subject.

In this book, we will address:

  • 10 simple mindfulness habits and tricks that will help you say goodbye to stress once and for all
  • 10 foolproof habits to de-stress your job
  • 10 ingenious habits that allow you to let go of relationship stress and make your partnership blossom
  • 10 simple anti-stress switches you can press to relieve stress in seconds.
  • The exact 6-step guide on how to effectively build habits
  • The secret Qi Gong technique that improves your mood effortlessly
  • 3 unknown fun techniques that reduce stress
  • 5 smart apps to help avoid stress on the job
  • The SOBER technique that reduces stress at the push of a button
  • The Gibberish Trick that reduces stress and gets you intoa good mood
  • The secret ABC method to avoid interruptions and disruptions in the job
  • The simple Mentastic trick to get out of stress

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