The Blunt End of the Service

| July 21, 2019


With a little more drive and ambition, Chuck Poulson might have found himself serving as first officer aboard a hyper liner. By the same token, if Cadet Penelope Parker had accepted the amorous advances of the notorious Commander Dickens, she might well have been posted to the Cromwell, the latest Type 53 destroyer.
But with things as they stand, Chuck and Penny find themselves serving together aboard the half derelict space station Orbital One, alongside a motley crew of ‘misfits, slackers and has-beens’.
And that would have been that, but their neatly ordered world is suddenly turned upside down as they find themselves at the centre of intrigue in a plot involving sabotage, larceny and murder. Can Penny redeem herself and put her fledgling career back on track? Can Chuck just muddle through it all with his limbs still attached to his body?
Cut off from outside help, they find themselves propelled to the sharp end of the service and with things not always as they seem, they must negotiate ruthless staff officers, overcome battle hardened marines and outwit inter-stellar crime syndicates if they are to survive and win the day.


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