Never Too Old for Romance

| December 7, 2013


Never Too Old for Romance

Melanie a 66 y.o. married woman was living her life much as a plane in a holding pattern: circling the sky but unable to land. She had a good job, a husband and a beautiful home, blessed with wonderful children and the ability to do most things she wanted. But there was a big void: love, romance and connection. Until one day a Facebook message from an old high school classmate came across her monitor. Her life changed on a dime, only she didn’t know it then, taking her down a path of love, romance, pain, confusion and then a miraculous transformation.

It’s never too late to believe in yourself enough to roll the dice one more time…but at what price?
The novel follows one woman’s quest to rediscover herself in ways she had forgotten existed. My hope is that the story will be an inspiration for others to achieve romantic love and fulfillment. This book is about confidence, taking risks, and making good use all of the 1,440 minutes of each day.


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