Let’s Do Christmas, A Novella

| December 7, 2013


Let's Do Christmas, A Novella

Bea Bartley has waited ten years for her entire family to come home and celebrate Christmas together. This year her husband and three grown children reluctantly agree, though they not-so-secretly wish they could wait another ten.

Brett, Bea’s oldest son, is the greatest dissenter in the group. Spending the weekend with his family while experiencing middle-aged angst ranks right up there with having his teeth drilled without anesthesia. Forced by his wife to play nice, Brett makes a weak attempt to grin and bear the visit. But when their holiday plans take an unexpected turn, Brett and the rest of the family’s true colors show through in a big way as the gathering reaches funny and epically uncomfortable proportions.

Let’s Do Christmas is a fast-paced, comedic and heartwarming novella that takes one family’s less than Norman Rockwell dynamics and tests them to the very last merry drop.


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